We develop web and mobile apps

...and we have more than 13 years of experience with design, programming and technical project management for both large and small clients.
We build polished products from ideas, yours and ours – e.g. online accounting software or iPad games.
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A striking minimalist action puzzle

In this truly original gameplay you clear levels by removing polygons with a ball, while keeping it on screen. Control the ball by drawing lines to bounce off.

It starts out quietly, almost zen-like but you will soon find yourself pushing your limits...

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Are you good at recalling a sequence of numbers? Aidee is a fun way to challenge your memory.

A pattern of numbers appear, arranged in a grid. After touching the first number, the others are hidden. The goal is to touch all the numbers in order.

While difficult at first, you will soon discover that your ability quickly improves.

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Ugly Sketches


Drawn in 60 seconds. Can you guess it?

Ugly Sketches is our take on the classic game of drawing and guessing.

In Ugly Sketches it doesn't hurt to draw like a 2 year old expressionist. In fact, it may help. As long as you draw fast, and your friends can guess the words you draw.

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Moobaa is an interactive children's book designed to appeal especially to kids aged 8 months to 3 years plus.

Easy and intuitive, even toddlers pick up on Moobaa fast – they soon teach parents how to join in on the fun :)

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Danmarks Radio


DR.dk is among the largest websites in Denmark with more than 1 million visitors daily and several hundred thousand pages.

Reflx participated in the development of a complete redesign of the website.


Blue Dot


"Do good, feel good, get dots". BlueDot links charities, social media and commercial offers.

Reflx provided consultancy and the technical platform for the London-based startup.


Atlas Master


Do you know the world?

Travel the world in 6 regions and 3 difficulty levels. Match capitals to countries to see how well you know geography. Impress your friends by getting all the 18 achievements in Game Center.

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Simpelt Regnskab


Simpelt Regnskab is an online accounting system tailored to self-employed and freelancers.

Simpelt Regnskab gives you the overview of invoices, expenses and VAT with a clean and easy to use interface.

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